Delivering excellence
from start to finish

The principle of Seaborne Plastics offering a ‘one-stop manufacturing shop’ is completed with our finishing and assembly department.


As with every part of the journey through the Seaborne production centre your components remain in the hands of skilled engineers and experienced operatives, each specialist in their finishing and assembly divisions.

We have seen your job arrive either as an initial concept or technical drawing and we have managed its progress through the manufacturing process and now we are at the finishing stage.

CNC Trimming

Linear Drive CNC technology delivers super fast repeatable quality with astonishing accuracy whilst our tandem tables, shuttle tables and multi-tool changing technology help exploit our investment to its limits. It is no idle boast to suggest that Seaborne sets industry standards in the use of this technology, consistently producing components of a finished quality that were previously undreamed of.

Of course we never overlook the requirement for hand-finishing and where appropriate our specialist team bring years of experience to bear on the completion of even the most complex jobs.

At this stage your components may require specialist coating or the application of screen printed graphics and of course we are able to work quickly and efficiently to your precise brief guaranteeing the perfect finish every time.


The clean environment of our assembly department ensures the perfect finish to the production process and again Seaborne Plastics continue to invest wisely in the finest equipment and personnel available.

Transport & Logistics

Our highly skilled staff understands the value of handling product carefully and in the correct manner, they are trained and experienced in packing irregular shaped or delicate mouldings and as ever we remain 100% committed to using the most effective and environmentally efficient packaging products whilst never compromising the need for your goods to remain safe in transit.

We ship thousands of items across Europe and beyond every week and our distribution and logistics department work hard to make certain of expedient delivery whatever the size of order.