Move Forward with
Seaborne Plastics

Formed in 1979 the company continues to thrive in a competitive market by providing a service based on our original idea, which was to apply sound engineering principles to every aspect of our production whilst at the same time investing in the best people and technology.

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Delivering excellence
from start to finish

The principle of Seaborne Plastics offering a ‘one-stop manufacturing shop’ is completed with our finishing and assembly department.

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Where tradition meets

We are one of the largest plastic companies in the UK and Europe, producing components for Harrier jets, Virgin trains and even the world’s best known high performance cars.

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The advantages
of thermoforming are clear

Seaborne Plastics are acknowledged experts in thermoforming and its various methods, for a number of years we have taken pride in remaining unchallenged on the statement “Anything that can be produced from a flat sheet via a thermoforming process Seaborne Plastics can do it”.

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Our commitment to the responsible management of resources

Our working practices are quite simply beyond compare within our industry, less waste is not only vital to the environment but also to the profitability of our clients. We take our obligations very seriously as witnessed by the following statement.

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Seaborne Plastics are one of the foremost plastic vacuum forming companies in Europe supplying many different industries.


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