About Us

Formed in 1979 the company continues to thrive in a competitive market by providing a service based on our original idea.¬†

Managing Director Martin Bollands has seen the company grow from humble beginnings to a truly European enterprise and here gives his opinion on the company.

”In all our literature and on this website you will see a phrase used again and again ‘sound engineering principles’. I make no apology for repeating it. As I firmly believe that these principles are responsible for the continued growth of Seaborne Plastics.

Of course we value other principles too. Our environmental management system is possibly the finest in our industry. Our commitment to customer service and policy of sensible sustainable investment continue to serve us well.

We, along with many of our customers have been through some challenging times since 1979. And it is, I believe our steadfast commitment to our beliefs and our refusal to compromise on service that has taken Seaborne Plastics from a wooden building in the Surrey Hills to a¬†company operating successfully throughout Europe.

Our European manufacturing site in the wonderful Czech City of Brno has been an astonishing success. The highly committed and well educated local workforce continue to produce remarkable results using the finest machinery in our industry. The plant itself featuring state of the art clean production areas and access to the entire European road and rail network. Indeed, it is this manufacturing centre that sets us apart from other thermoformers. I am extremely proud of every member of my team for their hard work. And dedication that ensures a complete integration between our sites in the UK and the Czech Republic.

The future will of course present challenges but it will also offer opportunities. New market places are opening up all the time. Technology continues to make possible what once we could only dream of. The continent of Europe has become smaller with transport links and communications putting us in touch with more and more people and places.

It is a pleasure to operate in an industry that values traditional ideas but also embraces new technology. It continues to be my pleasure to work alongside clients that appreciate and share our vision.”

Martin Bollands

Managing Director