Thermoforming in its simplest form is the combination of applied heat and other technical processes to shape a sheet of material.

There are a number of Thermoforming processes available to clients of Seaborne Plastics each having distinct characteristics and capabilities and we take time and care to precisely match the process to the job.

Vacuum Forming is by far the most adaptable and commonly used process; this sees the plastic sheet heated in a controlled environment allowing it to be worked into the specific shape of a moulding tool.

Pressure forming as the name suggests is a process where pressure is applied to one side of the sheet whilst a vacuum is applied to the other achieving surface texture and sharpness of form.

Other processes include Blow Moulding where clean air is blown into a heated sheet allowing creation of exquisite dome or bowl shaped mouldings and Drape Forming where the heated material is literally ‘draped’ over the shaping tool.

By applying sound engineering principles Seaborne Plastics have been exploiting the technology at our disposal for more than 30 years and in that time we have built an unmatched reputation for succeeding where others have failed.

Mould tools may be made of wood, urethane resin, fiberglass or aluminium and Seaborne Plastics employs some of the finest, time-served tool makers in our industry.

Whilst we advise on tool choices on an individual job basis we always recommend temperature controlled aluminium tools for longer runs, thereby ensuring absolute consistency and repeatable quality throughout the production batch.

Seaborne has invested heavily in state of the art equipment for temperature control of mould tools. Every one of our vacuum forming machines is connected to equipment which constantly monitors and controls the temperature of the mould tool during production.

The range and specification of our thermoforming machines is envied throughout our industry and in order to provide high levels of process control and production efficiency, we have invested heavily in the very best equipment available today.

From the most basic to complex machines, those with pre-heating stations, Speedium Heaters and electronic servo drives we have exactly the right equipment to meet the demands of your job.