Why Seaborne?

Brilliant Engineering, competitive highly skilled European Manufacturing

With sensible investment and sound business principles Seaborne Plastics continue to set standards in thermoforming as our well established European manufacturing plant demonstrates. This long term strategy gives clients the confidence to trust in our service secure in the knowledge that our business is both sustainable and reliable.

Move up with Seaborne

Combining the very latest high specialised thermoforming, CNC and finishing equipment with a highly skilled British and European workforce our 6,500 square metre facility gives Seaborne a very real set of unique advantages.

  • High quality, competitive manufacturing whatever the volume….
  • Exceptional repeatable quality….
  • Industry leading quality control and management ….
  • British engineering heritage….
  • Czech centre of technical excellence….
  • European distribution network….
  • Traditional tooling….
  • State of the art clean and spacious production areas….


 Seaborne Plastics, a Great British company operating throughout Europe