Company Policy

To increase quality and competitive advantage of our products, to ensure customer satisfaction and improve environmental performance of Seaborne Plastics, the top management announces following policy:

  • Produce competitive products by meeting all quality requirements of our customers and ensure their maximum satisfaction.
  • Continuously improve internal processes with respect to customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Monitor, evaluate and reduce the main environmental aspects and impacts of current and planned activities in order to prevent pollution.
  • Create a motivating environment and adequate social conditions for personal and professional development of our employees.
  • Create beneficial and closer relationship with our suppliers that will improve the quality and enhance our suppliers to improve their environmental performance.
  • Be successful, profitable and financially stable company.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of our integrated management system.

Integrated Management System policy is obligated to all employees of Seaborne Plastics. Its presentation contributes to enhancing quality and environmental awareness, improving internal processes and thus representing good reputation of Seaborne Plastics in global level. This policy is yearly reviewed for continuing suitability.